Hello world,

I have always been a very chaotic mind, nevertheless I never regretted sharing my thoughts with my friends & people around me. But eventually, growing up became a really hard time for me cause I’m very bad at hiding feelings. I started keeping a diary & started preferring it to be the safest place to be myself.

One day , one of my friends read a poem I wrote, not fairly written but it had good thoughts..! She asked me to post one of them on a social networking site. I was a bit shy & curious at the same time to do so because I wasn’t confident about my use of words. Somehow managed to write & post one of them, luckily enough got some really good vibes. I gained a bit confidence and started writing a few more. A few more poems of mine made my friends to suggest me to start a blog, mentioning they would love to read them. So, here I’m. Hoping to make something really great. 🙂

I’m blessed to have the zeal of writing.
I would like to dedicate my blogs to someone whom I call mine, but was never mine. 🙂

Thank you…